Into my shoot with

Into my shoot with Nicole

I recently had the pleasure of shooting with Nicole (Hooters' Miss October 2015) who I stumbled across in Instagram some months back, come to find out she works with my friend Eli who I have shot previously, Eli also did Nicole's hair and makeup for this shoot!

I was pretty excited to shoot with Nicole, being as gorgeous and as talented as she is I knew I had to reach out, To my surprise she was just as excited to work together as I was!

I went into this shoot not knowing much about Nicole other then what appears on her instagram and that she is a Hooters Calendar girl; I was happily surprised to learn who Nicole really is; She is no normal Hooters girl! not only has she worked there for years, but she is involved in local marketing  for hooters amongst much more! She was also once a school teacher!..

Nicole is a prime example why not to judge a book by its cover and one of the greatest women I have had the pleasure to meet, she was so nice and it was great getting to know her! I look forward to working with her again soon!

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