Into my shoot with

Into my shoots with Grace

Part 1

As I write this on a Friday it marks 4 Fridays from my first shoot with Grace, since then we shot the last 3 Fridays and they made for some fun and exciting times. We started in the first Friday in north Downtown and we were shooting a 1 piece for Beyond The Beach


While Still in Dallas we made our way to Deep Ellum to hopefully find a location to shoot another 1 piece... Which Grace just so happened to leave at home! And that's what brought us back next week!

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Part 2

Here we are back at it again in Downtown Dallas! again shooting a 1 piece for Beyond The Beach and the 2nd Friday in a row of shooting. This time we didn't have but 45 minutes of usable sunlight; so we rushed to get these shots in. After the sun set we grabbed some dinner the hit Deep Ellum in search for our next shots which we found in an old record store and a candy shop.

Part 3

This time it's all about fun; which the day started off great but after the concept changing for the millionth time and getting a length and upsetting call beforehand it didn't get us off to the start we wanted... We headed into the arts district of Dallas and quickly found a cute flower shop and stared there.


After a short walk we stumbled upon this rad theater and stopped to get some of my favorite images I've done with grace to this day.

Knowing we hadn't got all we we're looking for we jumped in the car and headed to one of my most anticipated locations!

We went to a local carnival and had some fun; what a perfect way to end it all. We rode some rides, got scammed by the carnies, but most of importantly we laughed, we cried, and nearly died. But we're still alive. Thanks you so much to Grace for being such a rad person and putting up with me while we created these fun photos!

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