Into my shoot with

Into my shoot with Chris

I’ve had the pleasure of not only calling Chris a friend of mine, but a brother, a leader, and a mentor; While I have known Chris for near half my life he was just a guy dating a girl I knew, then he became a leader and later stepped into the roll of my old youth pastor. In the time he was my youth pastor we worked closely and became friends along the way. I was even there and played a roll in the event of his engagement to his now wife Sara the mother of their 3 children. So to say that we have both played a roll in getting each other where we are now would be an understatement.


Chris has always been there and that’s why I offered to do this shoot for him. He is a blogger, and talks about the Manner of Life. He has a heart for ministry and a heart for the community.

We went to a coffee shop out in Dallas I stumbled upon and had the opportunity to connect and share some laughs over coffee and photos.


Here is the full set from my shoot with Chris!

Thank you

- Dylan Spenser Johnson | IamDSJ