Artist² Series

Yuleta Roeun

Q: How old where you when your interest sparked in your art, and what influenced it?

A: I don't remember what the exact age was, but I do remember admiring my fathers camera every since I was little. I was always fascinated on how the camera worked and how the images turned out breathtaking.


Q: What motivates you, to be better, to be you?

A: I like to follow a lot photographers on social media and their photos motivate me to be better and I always think of ways that I can improve on to get the certain image that I have in my head. I don't stop shooting until I'm satisfied with my photos.


Q: Do you consider yourself an “artist” or just a “_______"?

A: I consider myself as an artist who is still growing and finding who she is.


Q: What is “Art”?

A: "Art" can be defined in many different ways by a lot of people, but the most common definition is basically expressing yourself by using different types of media for example there's film, photography, painting, singing, drawing, and etc. This may sound cliché, but everyone is given a blank canvas at some point in their life, which represents their future, and the person is the paintbrush. We as humans can take something from the ordinary and turn it into something breathtaking if we can just express ourselves by using different types of media. When an individual creates something while expressing themselves it's called 'Art"


Q: Who are you?

A: I usually don't like answering this question because I never know what to or how to respond to it, but I am currently a college student majoring in Interior Design, minoring in Nursing, and also getting a certificate in Real Estate. Yes, it sounds like a lot of school, but it will be worth it in the end. I enjoy painting, drawing, designing, sculpting filming, photographing, singing and dancing; so I guess you can say that I'm a very artistic person haha. I'm a very positive person therefore I like to smile and laugh a lot and I also like to be the reason why people smile and laugh. Other than art, I also like to travel and learn about different cultures and enjoy the beauty that mother nature has provided us. I try to do a lot of outdoor activities whenever I'm not busy such as hiking, camping, and cliff diving.


Q: Advice you'd give to another artist or photographer?

A: Create even if you're not proud of it. Keep Creating because if you continue to create you will be one step closer to being the artist you want to become.


Q: Most artists are greedy, they want to keep all their locations and connections to themselves and not share with others in a way that could help others grow. What are your thoughts on that?

A: I honestly think it sucks because as artists we should be helping others as well. Yes, I understand that if the location gets shared a lot it'll be an overrated area to shoot at, but that's what exploring is for. We must continue to explore and find new locations to shoot at to make the whole experience unique.


Q: What is your dream in life with your art career?

A: My dream would be continuing to travel the world and taking photographs while inspiring others to keep creating.


Q: What fascinates you?

A: It fascinates me how a camera can capture something so beautiful if you know how to work with the subject or know how to get the right perspective of what you're shooting.


Q: If I could grant you one thing right now, What would it be?

A: If you were a genie then I would ask for a plane ticket to Hawaii because I just want to be at a beach and enjoy the sunshine that Texas is lacking at this very moment, but you aren't a genie :( I would ask for a cinnamon roll the next time we meet up because I really like cinnamon rolls!!


Q: What is your current Muse? 

A: my friends are my muse. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way and I like to take photos of my friends to show the world how beautiful and unique they are :)

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