Artist² Series

The Artist² series

This series is a way to connect/reconnect with the ever growing artist community that I feel is at a point of separation. We need to come together and through this we can become a strong community and family; which I feel is more important than ever! How do we expect to survive long term without connection to like minded people. As humans, we are created to connect and what greater way to do that than with people who inspire and push us to become greater.

I have noticed that most artists are greedy people; all about the fame and likes these days. Everyone wants to save the best for themselves and share little or nothing good with others... That does nothing but drive us apart. How have we come to this? I understand wanting to be the best. But why can't we all be the best of ourselves?! If you are a true artist no one can recreate what you do, only imitate. Which isn't that the highest form of flattery? We shouldn't be worried about sharing concepts, locations, tips or tricks with others... Being a true artist means you are unique as your thumb print so the next artist who uses any of those will create a completely different piece of art than you! No matter how hard I try to duplicate a shot I like, it always turn out different from the inspiration used. And don't you think since your instagram bio says "Create. Explore. Inspire." you should inspire others instead of keeping it all for yourself then getting upset when others imitate you?...

I'm not saying this is everyone; so let's see, if you're a true artist and agree that the our community needs to reconnect, we need to be helping instead of hurting one another then let's connect, you and I, and make a difference. 


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