An in depth look at who DSJ really is.

Photo by Nichole Meyer

Photo by Nichole Meyer


Dylan Spenser Johnson - DSJ

My name is Dylan Spenser Johnson. “IamDSJ” simply put mean “I am DSJ” for "Dylan Spenser Johnson".

I have been blessed to have been raised by 2 loving parents, I am the baby of 3; I have 2 older sisters…

I was born in Madison, Wisconsin and not long after moved to DFW Texas.

My parents both work and I’ve inherited my work ethic from them; My dad works harder than anyone I know and my mom is the most underpaid person I know. But they both do what is necessary and I look up to them for that.

Ever since I was a child I’ve had an interest in cameras both Video & Photo, I would always steal my parents cameras and play with them until they broke… Mostly cause I’d find a way to break them!

I started to know I wanted to pursue photography around the age of 13 and never stopped learning and experimenting. It took me longer then some to learn certain things because it’s all been self taught, but that hasn’t stopped me from capturing a photo how I want to.

I love photography because it allows me the reveal the beauty of something or someone in a way that nobody else has seen it. Because no 2 photos are the same.

While I dabble in video and and design they are not my main focus, but don’t think that I am not capable or passionate about either; because I would not have gotten to where I am without having those in my back pocket!

Something else I am very passionate about is people.. The greatest punishment you can give a person is solitary confinement. We as humans are created to connect, and I believe that more then anything. What makes me so passionate about this is that I myself have gone through and still to this day struggle with connection. I want to see others connect and the chains of separation be broken.

So I have formed something called Federation Garage. FG is essentially a car and creative community that brings together people with interests alike. Being that I myself have a passion for cars and connection and that a quality community of people like myself is hard to find I knew I had to change that. My father and I came up with the once it was an auto shop and a car community both separately, but after brainstorming it made sense to join them. So coming this summer will be the launch of Federation Garage, we will be looking to host events, and actually open doors to our automotive garage shortly after!